Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A surprise that made my week!!!!

My sister brought Joey up to see us the day I got back from girls camp. They were only here for a short 24 hours but I really enjoyed getting to see him! He has grown so much. He doesn't even look like the same baby I saw last time we were down there. We took him to church with us and he slept almost the entire time. He turns 1 at the end of September and I was curious to see what he weighed so I put him on our scale. That little chunker is 20 pounds already!!

Metcalf 4th of July

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Girls Camp 2009

JULY 7-11

Our Stake tried a new camp this year for Girl's Camp. Of course, I was the camp director for our ward again. We went to Camp Shaw-waw-nas-see in Manteno. It was nice because it was only an hour and 15 minute drive from home but it was smaller than Soni Springs in Michigan and it was infeste with scary looking spiders!! Not to mention it rained most of the time we were there or was cloudy. I think we had a day and a half of sunshine. This years theme was Scatter Sunshine (how appropriate for the lack of sunny weather!). During free time on Wednesday, we went to the pool, yea they had a pool, not to mention almost everyone there (minus me) was n a cabin. Jenny and I decided to bring out the 'ole tent and make it a true camping experience. So back to the pool, the water was FREEZING!!! Everyone was trying to puch everyone in. Kim pushed me in and then when Colleen and I tried to get her, she decided to just throw herself in! I pushed Amy in (fully clothed!)Their was a stake kitchen staff that cooked all of our food and it was delicious!
Friday was a littl scary. We got word that there were some pretty strong storms coming in. 70mph winds, quarter size hail and potential tornadoes. Those people who staid in tents decided to either move them under the big pavilion or take them down and move into cabins. Well, Jenny had her certification to do, leaving me to take our tent down, pack and move our stuff up camp to the stake cabin all by myself. After a few pulled shoulder muscles and a dozen bruises, I was up camp just in time to see the sky turn green before the heavens opened and downpoured for an hour. After the storm was over, we heard there was another one coming that would be twice as bad. The leaders all met and figured out if they could get their rides to camp in time to get the girls packed and home safely before the storm hit. It was decided that we were going home. The leaders had a prayer and right as they said amen, President Clark called to say that the storm disappeared. I was glad because Bishops night/Ward testimony night is the best part of camp.
This is what I took home out of camp. No matter how dark and gloomy the world is, it is up to us to scatter sunshine and uplift the world around us.

**Pictures to follow***