Tuesday, June 24, 2008


This past Sunday's lesson in YW was having an Eternal Perspective. We had a great talk with the girls and a wonderful object lesson that simply stated how different our lives are when we have that perspective. We know what we need to do in this life to get to the end. It's sort of like a map that is laid out for us to follow. Yesturday, I learned that my great Aunt had passed from a heart attack and that her husband, my great uncle had open heart surgery and had no idea that that very day he lost his soul mate. How in the world would you tell someone who has just come out of such a major surgery this horrible news?

I've lost many family members in the past few years. I have a large family on both sides but I've never been really close to them. Mainly because my mother never kept in touch with anyone when I was growing up and not having known my father for 14 years of my life their was a whole side of family I had never even met before. My great grandmother whom I was close to when I was younger but grew "to cool" for her when I got older passed away Dec. 2004. This is when I lost the first family member that I was "close" to. I still remember the day that I found out. It was a really bad snowy day and Dennis and I were at Nicoles house and my phone rang. It was my mother balling on the other end. My great gramma had a heart attack and the hospital couldn't do anything to save her. As I hung up the phone and sat on Nicoles bed completely covered in my tears I thought back to the last conversation I had with her just a few days before. I was rushing and I called to tell my grandma something and my great gramma had answered the phone. I said a quick hello to her and then asked to talk to my grandma, forgetting to day I love you to my great gramma. As I laid there crying I felt quilty. Quilty that I never took the time to tell my great gramma how much I loved her or called more than I should have to talk to her or take the time to listen to one of her stories. I vowed that from that day forward I would take the time for each one of my family members, to call more often, send letters more often and visit more than I had in the past. Since then, I have lost a few other family members. Not feeling any better about how distant our relationship was when they passed on. Although my life has been extremly busy that last few years, I still try to make those phone calls to aunts and uncles, grandparents and cousins, even my own sisters and try to visit with them as much as I can because I don't want another time to come when I learn that one of them has passed on and I feel quilty because I didn't take the time to let them know how much I cared for and appreciated them.

That said, the following link is to a story that has developed in my area over the last 3 days. A young man who was taking the discussions and attending our youth activites was swimming in the Fox River on Sunday and is now missing. As I learned the news just this morning, my thoughts went back to our lesson on Sunday and to the thought of resentment I had for those family members that I had lost that I was not close to. My thoughts and prayers are with Robbie's family and I pray that he is o.k but I know that God has a plan and Robbie knows too.


Robbie's body was found Wednesday 6.5 miles from where he went under. He was found at the Yorkville Dam which is where my 8th grade math teacher and his brother drowned 3 years ago when they were trying to save a canoer that went over the dam and got caught in the current. Last night at Mutual, our Bishop got up and talked to everyone about what had happened. As he talked about it, everyone got teary eyed and he held it together very nicely. He had some very nice things to say, including the fact that we got to know him and introduce him to the gospel. We know the plan of Salvation and we know that one day we will see Robbie again.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Project Organization

Today is the day! We are finally going to clean out and organize our garage. Dennis is going to build us a wall of shelves so we can finally make our garage look decent. Pictures to come soon..

Thursday, June 19, 2008

What? I'm ONLY a house wife?

So I have had three days off from any job responsibilites (except Monster) and I am loving it! I have gotten more accomplished in the last 2 days then I have in the last 6 months! My house is clean, kitchen included, I took Monster for a walk for more than 10 minutes,I am working on curtains for the bedroom and I even managed to go get a mani/pedi today with a girlfriend I haven't seen in months because our schedules never clicked! I could really get used to this staying at home thing. Unfortunetly I have to get back to nannydom on Monday but I still have 2 more days to pretend I am ONLY a house wife!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Oh yes... I know I'm brave...

On the crafty list for the summer so far...

making a purse

making curtains for our bedroom ( never dreamed I would ever do this!)

making 2 quilts (for myself.. I know selfish, huh?)

making a baby blanket/quilt for my sister

and more to come I'm sure...........

I can't believe I am doing all of this. I never thought I would be capable of doing such things with a sewing machine. I will post some pictures soon, promise!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Are you serious?

So this morning I took the kids on a bike ride and I received a phone call from my dad informing me that my grandparents house just burned to the ground in the middle of the night. My pregnant sister and her husband were staying the night and my grandma was at work. Needless to say, they are VERY lucky to be alive because they had taken the smoke alarm down when they were doing some stuff and NEVER put it back up! Fortunetly, my gma's dog woke my grandpa up just in time to get everyone out safely before the whole house went up in flames. I am very greatful that no one got hurt but I am sad that it had to happen to my grandparents because they really can't take a toll like this.
They have helped me throughout my life and when I got off the phone the spirit told me that I needed to help them as much as I could. So I called my Relief Society President to get some ideas from her because my problem is that they live 5 hours south and if I got donations of things for them, how would I get them the stuff and then I remembered there is a ward about 25 minutes from their house. How wonderful would it be to have members give such great service to my grandparents. I have constantly struggled with my grandparents accepting my faith and I feel that this tender time would be a great time to show them how loving and generous Latter-day Saints are. I also got some information from the dad of the kids I watch. He does disaster relief around the country and he gave me some contacts that could help with things like temp. housing and such. The thing that stinks if they had a second house about 30 minutes north of them but they sold it about 4 months ago.
If anyone has an ideas on how I could help them from up here or have an donations I could send to them, I would be greatful.

We could all use a little humor... right?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Glimpse of Nanny-dom

So far this week has been awesome (minus yesturday when Luke threw up in my car!!). I have already had a comment from a friend that I seem much happier and I do have to say I am. I have spent the earlier part of this week at the pool and park with my friends!!! I am so excited at the fact that if my friends are getting together during the day to do stuff, I can actually go with and not have to miss out because I have to be stationed somewhere at work all day. I love being a nanny. It's like being a stay at home mom- atleast I know that when I get to that point, I won't mind being at home with my kids. The kids I watch are the best kids in the world, their parents have done a fine job. I wish I could just do this all the time... but I have to get back to reality in August!