Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years 2009

Shaun rockin Roxanne / The girls

Shaun & Lisa

Midnight Dance Party / Rockin it (I got way into the guitar)

Lisa bustin a move / Funny faces for the camera

Dennis & Lisa

We decided to throw a mini New Years Party at our house this year with a few friends. We played games, pigged out and busted out the good "ole Rockband". We had an absolute blast and it was a great way to ring in the New Year.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Best date night ever!!!

Lastnight, Dennis and I decided to take advantage of our 12+ inches of snow and head to his brothers and spend the evening snowmobiling. It was alot of fun to race down the trails and open throttle down the bike path behind his house. Dennis and I rode the trail once together and he almost landed us in the river because the sled wouldn't turn. We raced down the bike path and found this awesome straight road we could just fly down. It was by far the best date night we have had in a very long time. YAH! For all the snow. As a side note, my back is killing me from all the bouncing and turning not to mention I went sledding with my nephew and tried standing up and I fell forward and rolled. It hurt but the whole evening was well worth it!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas

Cuddling Cousins

Opening the gift from Vienna

Christmas Eve Eve (Cilley Christmas)-
The Cilley clan got togethera few days before
Christmas. We got to talk to Brian & Betka
on skype and hang out the the family. The elves
were there to hand out presents.

Christmas Eve (above)- Was spent eating
chocolate covered strawberries in a box at Pat
and Tony's.

Christmas Morning - Dennis built a lean to at 4am
so he could smoke our turkey because we had 40 mph
winds that morning. He also learned that it only takes
4 hours to smoke it as opposed to the 10 the internet
told him. One of Dennis's favorite gift was his red &
green only sour patch kids and I got a remote start!!!

The BEST Christmas present EVER

Dennis bought me a Dyson for Christmas. I have already used it twice. As you can see from the picture, it sucks up the smallest speck of dirt. I used it on the stairs and there is a big difference in the color of the carpet now, it looks cleaner. I have a feeling I will be using this thing alot more than my last vaccum.

Family visit

He likes to talk / Den & I / Check that face

Quilt I made for Tonya / The grandparents / Tiff & I


3 days after we got home from Cancun, we went down to visit my family and attend my sister Tonya's baby shower. It was the first time my family was together without any drama. However, I ended up getting sick which made my whole family sick by the following week.

more pics from Cancun

First class / great view / waving good-bye

final minutes on the beach :(

Sunrise/ Den & Joe / DJ Jill getting down

Joe & Heather

Joe, Meg & Laura/ Den & Jill getting down/ The girls/ We loved that tree

Mike &Dennis/ Den & I at the wedding /notice the black spedo spectator at the wedding!

Dominic & Laura/ picture I took of the ceremony spot

The bride & groom, The 3 Amigos, GORGEOUS WATER

Shop downtown, one of the birds at breakfast