Thursday, June 16, 2011


After 13 years of not seeing my two younger sisters, Angel and Brianna, I finally got to see them! And of course, all 5 of my sisters are taller than their older sister! Man I am short! (I am standing in a step here).

20 weeks!

Can't believe we are half way there! Our last ultrasound confirmed we are indeed having a girl and I even got Daddy to agree on a name with me! Lydia Kate Larson is winning over our hearts! She is a constant mover and I feel her kicking all the time. I love it! Although, see doesn't like to cooperate very much, my 18 week appointment she wouldn't sit still for the dopplar to pick up her heartbeat so I got to have an ultrasound. I think she just knew mommy wanted to see her. Then at my 20 week appointment, the tech busted out the 3d so we could see her face and she wouldn't move her hands out from in front of her face (last picture)! The whole time they were doing the anatomy survey she kept moving around a lot too. She is very active just like her momma.

This pregnancy has gotten more real for me now that I can feel her kicking. I no longer feel like I am dreaming I am pregnant and I am getting so excited to meet her. All in all, I am feeling pretty great, no complaints here, I actually love being pregnant!

Friday, June 3, 2011

18 Weeks

I feel like this pregnancy is going by fast yet it feels like its dragging on but I am sitting here stunned that I have entered my 19th week already! I have a new love for maternity pants, no zipper makes for easier trips the 900 times I visit the restroom a day. I feel like I am always going to the bathroom......or eating! No major cravings right now just wanting to eat the same kinds of food for now which include golden delicious apples, grape tomatoes with dip, anything peanut butter, grilled cheese sandwiches on oat bread and I have been on a major popcicle kick lately.

So far I have gained 8 pounds, my waist has gone from a 32" to 37"....I am all baby, having actually lost from other areas of my body but there are no complaints here! I feel like she has taken the fat from those parts, leaving muscle to shine through or at least thats what it seems like to me! Is it weird to say I feel "toner" since becoming pregnant?

My 18 week checkup is on Monday and then the following Monday we have our gender determination ultrasound with my ob office, we will see if the place we did our early ultrasound was right and if little girl is still a little girl!

And in the name department, I think we may have settled on a name but I am not going to mention it just yet, maybe that will be the element of surprise for everyone if we wait until she is born!