Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Florida Vacation Day 4- Everglades Tour

We took a tour of Everglades Holiday Park before we embarked on our long flight home. We already miss Florida. It's no surprise we want to move there. Dennis asked me while we were there...why do we live in Illions? That's a good question.

Florida Vacation Day 3- Naples

ok, so I said Day 2 was the best part of our vacation but Day 3 was just as good because we drove and hour over to Naples to see my sister Cassie, who I hadn't seen in 11 years. We got to Naples Pier early so we walked around a bit and saw a dolphin swimming at the end of the pier. Let me tell you, Naples was nasty hot and humid.
I instantly saw Cassie walking up and gave her a big hug. She is taller than me! How does that work? I am supposed to be the bigger sister here! We went to lunch @ a place called Cheeburger Cheeburger (no it't not a typo, there really are no s's in the title) After lunch we hit the pier again and then took a swim in the Gulf. I personally like the Atlantic better. The Gulf's temp was 91 same as the air temp. It felt like you were taking a bath not to mention the water was greenish and murky looking. We swam in it anyway and then did some shell hunting. Dennis was bound and determined to find me a sand dollar but we came to the conclusion that you have to get there pretty early in the morning to find a beauty like that. He did find some other cool stuff including a barnacle, giant shell, and a worm shell. I found my dream home while we were on the beach. It's the 2nd house from the pier, ocean front property baby! We took the scenic route home and even stopped off by the canal and found an alligator.

Florida Vacation Day 2 - Snorkeling in the Keys

Day 2 was by far the best day on our vacation. We woke up at 5am to drive down to Key Largo to rent a boat to go out and snorkel @ John PenneKamp State Park, the only under water state park! The cool thing about it is there are sunken ships, a ton of coral to explore and a 30 ton statue of Christ under water. We were so far out, the only thing you could see was water, no land in sight! We got to our first diving point and everyone jumped off and away they went...leaving me on the boat all by my lonesome. I HATE the idea of being in shark infested waters, there was no way I was jumping off the boat in the middle of the Atlantic. Well....I said what the heck you only live once, suited up, hyperventalated a bit and then in I went. Not to bad I thought. Dennis came and grabbed my hand and we swam out to see some coral. We saw some giant fish out there swimming. Before I knew it we were over 100 feet from the boat and after about 20 minutes I told Dennis I was ready to go back to the boat. Halfway back, my goggles fogged up so I tried to clean them off only to splash a good amount of salt water in the eyes. They fogged up again and BAM...I swam right into a bunch of loose seaweed and screamed!! I freaked out..Dennis flipped me over on my back and took me back to the boat. I was proud of myself for putting this fear behind me and going for it. I am glad I did.

After 4 hours on the boat and 1.5 hour ride home, Dennis, my cousin Kody and I went to POC, an all you can eat sushi buffet and grill. Let me tell you, it was awesome! I had hibatchi and a ton of shrimp. Dennis was in heaven! I have never seen so much crab leg or sushi before in my life! Day 2 was definately the best day of our vacation.

Florida Vacation day 1- Hollywood Beach

Our first day of vacation was pretty laid back but we managed to get sunburnt! We woke up early for breakfast and ventured down to Hollywood Beach, between Miami & Ft. Lauderdale. I decided to suck it up and get in the water. It was very nice I must say. The water was very clear and a good temp. We dug up some shells and saw some cool little fish swimming near by. Here comes the scary part.....after we got out of the water and were drying off, Dennis runs past me and asks for his shoes...then says "there's a sh...." WHAT! Then he stops after my uncles says its a sting ray. A 15ft wide sting ray(no joke on the size ladies and gents!) swims up close to shore in between all the people and no one in the water really notices! Crazy..I would have FREAKED OUT!!! We headed back to the resort and had a Thanksgiving dinner. We had a great thunderstorm right after dinner with high winds and crazy rain! There was so much rain that the man hole covers in the parking lot were bubbling. After the storm calmed down we went down to the pool to swim for a bit and had a watermelon eating contest.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Can it get any better??

Vacation location added!!!! While we are out in Florida, we will not only go to Key Largo but we will head over to Naples to visit my sister Cassie!!!!!! I am very excited not only because it's been over 10 years since I have seen her but Naples is absolutley GORGEOUS!!!! I am excited to take Dennis there. This is going to be the best vacation EVER!!!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

One fear more to go......

As many may already know, I am DEATHLY afraid of going to the dentist, I would rather play with a snake than go to the dentist, and I REALLY hate snakes! I woke up yesturday with a swollen and tender gum. After talking with one of the parents at school, I got freaked that it might be an absess, resulting in having to get a tooth pulled and I even thought for a moment that it was mouth cancer or a tumor (see how horrible my mind is!) I told said mom that I HATED the dentist so she referred me to her's and said they were great with people who had a phobia of the dentist. So I called...and set up an appointment..for today. WOW, I put on my big girl pants and told myself I was going. The funny thing is that I told myself I would go in for a cleaning this summer. Anywho, I conquered my fear and went in today. After x-rays and an exam it was determined that I had an infection in my gum by my back molar. The culprit, a wisdom tooth I was told I didn't have when I was at the dentist 4 years ago. After more x-rays, they found another one on the bottom. So 2 bottom wisdom teeth later and I am now faced with having to be put under to get those puppies out.
Did I mention I have a fear of being put under?????

Monday, June 1, 2009

Why it pays to have a gym membership...

Chipotle had a sweet deal today. Free salad, burrito or bowl with proof of your membership to LA Fitness..... it pays to work out!