Monday, April 25, 2011

12.5 Weeks

Here's the bump I am sporting these days. I officially can't wear my regular jeans anymore, although maternity pants are a little big in the butt and thigh area, good I guess considering the only thing growing on me is my tummy. My morning sickness is gone but I still have the occasional nauseous moment every now and then. I have started to get an appetite back but still prefer to stick with carbs. Baby really isn't a fan of fruits and veggies but I have been trying to get some in when I can. I actually got to enjoy Easter dinner last night, I was stuffed!
We have our 13 week checkup today and I am hoping we get to see Baby L. Only 4 more weeks until we find out the sex. Dennis thinks we are having a boy but I think its a girl so it will be interesting to see who is right. He is usually pretty good at guessing.
For now, I am just getting through the last 4 weeks of watching the kids at home and then in June I start to nanny for a family with 3 girls. I am excited because I will get to be out of the house, go fun places and enjoy the water park again this summer! Lucky me!
I am still up in arms as to what I want to do next year as watching the kids at home is taking a toll on me and the house but maybe I just need a break! I have been applying for teaching jobs but part of me wants to stay home with Baby. I have put it in the Lords hands now so we will see what the end of the summer will bring.