Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Year

Lydia wanted to tell everyone to have a safe and Happy New Year. She will be kicking it with the family tonight at Uncle Joe's house. She said mommy will try to do better at taking more pictures of her and updating the blog next year.

Merry Christmas 2011

Merry Christmas to you!

This last year was by far the best year for our family. Our greatest event was the birth of our daughter, Lydia Kate on November 9th. She was highly anticipated by many and welcome with love by all. She has truly changed our lives and I couldn't image life without her. As for the rest of our year, not many exciting things happened. I graduated with my Masters in Education Reading Specialist degree, a goal that I hoped to accomplish before our first child. Matter of fact, I had my last class just days before I found out I was expecting our little miracle baby. Talk about impeccable timing!
We spent most of the year preparing for Lydia's arrival. We decided to skip a vacation this year and save up some cash. I was a nanny again this summer, this time for a family of three girls. We spent our days hanging poolside at the water park in town, a great place for a pregnant woman on those hot summer days we had.
Dennis was kept busy this past year running his business full time while working a full time job. He has gotten the Barbeque sauce into many more stores and restaurants and is working on a lot of other projects. One of which he completed just days before our little girl arrived. Talk about time crunch!
I continued with my daycare business this year so I could stay home with Lydia. I am so glad I made that decision because I don't think I could leave her every day to go to work. The kids have adjusted well to her, actually I think they sometimes forget she is here! I am thankful everyday that I get to have this opportunity to stay at home.
As I look back at this year, I count my blessing and am very grateful that we were blessed with such an adorable sweet spirit to be a part of our family. We enjoy watching Lydia grow each day and are looking forward to the many days of joy we have ahead with her.

We wish you a Merry Christmas & a fabulous & blessed New Year!
Dennis, Tara & Lydia Larson

Friday, December 9, 2011

One Month

Dear Lydia,
You are a month old today and have brought so much joy to our home. You are such a good baby, letting us sleep through the night more than your average newborn. Some of your favorite things are your swing, pooping on mommy when she changes your diaper, sitting facing out holding that strong head of yours up, sticking your tongue out, sucking on your thumb and all your little fingers, being rocked to sleep while mommy sings to you, you seem to favor "You are my Sunshine" and "I am a Child of God" a song mommy played over and over again for you when you were in her belly, you like laying on your changing table and staring at your ceiling fan, staring at mommy while smiling and letting out these cute little noises, cuddling with daddy at night and staring out the window talking while you rock in your swing. Daddy thinks you are talking with angels or Heavenly Father when you do that, it really is the cutest thing. You were sitting there the other day waving your arms back and forth and just going on and on. You really have brought Heaven down to our home, a true blessing.
In your first month of life you managed to have your good share of diaper blow outs. Last weekend we had to change you in the rug department at IKEA, don't worry we used your changing pad. Too bad we didn't buy that rug as a souvenir! You got mommy good the other day when she was changing your diaper. I went to wipe your bum and you just let it all rip, getting poop all over the place. You even pooped out the back of your diaper all over Uncle Jerry as Aunt Tonya was getting your bath ready.

You can already roll to your side. You even try to sit up when we put you in your swing. You love to stretch, be naked and love bath time. You aren't afraid of noise, you actually sleep through the 8 boys mommy watches screaming and playing around you. You must get that comatose sleep from your daddy.

You are a joy to have as a Daughter and one of the greatest blessings we have been given. We look forward to watching you grow even more.