Sunday, March 25, 2012

On the move

Tonight Lydia rolled from her tummy to her back! She barrel rolled all the way across the living room! She even got up on her knees..... Now to strengthen those arms..... My little 4 1/2 month old is growing so fast!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy Spring.

Nothing says spring like a nice 82 degree day!

My Favorite Food

Mommy has been making me yummy food. I've had bananas, apples, peas and sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes were the first food mommy gave me and they're my favorite. I can't have peas anymore until I'm older. I threw up and broke out in hives. I think I might be allergic to them like my grandpa Dennis was. I'm so excited I get to have pears next!


Happy St Patricks Day

I had lunch with mommy & daddy today, went to my friend Ally Martins baptism and went to my first St Pats party at the Gleasons.


You rolled over last week and I can't keep you on your back anymore!

You are also almost sitting up on your own and are standing while holding onto things!
We are getting more and more reactions out of you. You have been very talkative lately and on the way home from church we had the windows down and looked back and you were just chilling in your carseat with both legs up in the air, it was really cute.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Crazy weather.

I just had to document this insane weather we've been having! Not only did we have the mildest winter in Chicago in the history of my life with barely any snow and temps steady in the 40's even 50's but here we are a week away from the first day of Spring and it's been 80 all week!

Monday, March 12, 2012

4 months or 16 weeks or 120 days!

I've been a mommy now for 120 days, thats 120 days of the best calling God could give, being your mother. Oh Lydia Kate I can't tell you how much of a blessing you have truly been to your daddy and I these past 4 months. You are truly a delight to have in our home and have taught us so much!
You like to look at people as they talk, like you understand what they are saying. This was really noticed at your well baby check up when you stared at Dr. Mir the entire time she was talking. You can almost sit up by yourself with the occasional tilt to the side or folding yourself in half. You are 13.7lbs (50th %) and 24in (90th %) We think you are going to be a tall skinny little girl.
During tummy time you like to kick your feet like you are trying to go somewhere, you are rolling to your side but you haven't rolled to your tummy since the first few times a month ago.
We found your ticklish spots and heard your first laugh, LOVE it!
You had your first play date with Leah Schultz, her mommy was nice enough to take you for a few hours so I could get some things done being as you don't really take naps during the day and when you do they are catnaps but as I sit and write this you have been sleeping soundly in your swing for the last 2.5 hours! That could be because we started feeding you baby food yesterday. You have had sweet potatoes so far and I couldn't feed them to you fast enough, you got mad at me when they were all gone!
We moved you to your crib this weekend and you are sleeping through the night, getting about 10 hours of sleep a night. We still swaddle you despite your almost outgrowth from your swaddle blankets. You lounge with daddy and watch tv in the evenings. I love it because again, its like you know whats going on. You still like your Baby Einstein videos. You are currently learning your numbers! I am convinced that you have already said your first word ( HI) I swear I keep hearing you say it as you are cooing on the floor or in the swing when I look at you.
You went for your first walk yesterday and you slept the whole way to the park, while we were there and the whole way home. Your cousin Luca was sad because he wanted to see how you would like the swing. You love to sit on mommy's lap and read books. We think you are finally teething with the amount of drool that has been dripping from your mouth. Last night you were laying on your tummy and you reached for my hand and stuck it in your mouth. You are growing up so fast. You sit like a lady with your ankles crossed and your hands nicely folded in your lap like in the picture above.

You have already accomplished so many firsts and we can't wait for so many more!

Mommy & Daddy

* I do want to make note that at your 4 month check up you didn't cry when you got your shots! You were laying on your side sucking your fingers and when they poked you, you just stopped for a second and looked around like, wait a minute did someone just touch me and then you went about your business!

Friday, March 2, 2012