Saturday, June 23, 2012

Lydias First Trip to Southern IL

We went to visit family at the beginning of June. Lydia had her first four wheeler ride and mini tractor ride. She loved the mini tractor and fell asleep while on the four wheeler.


A few weekends ago we were invited up to our friends the Main's parents lake house in Coloma, MI on Lake Paw Paw with our friends the Dohertys, Waynes and Douglasses. We had the time of our lives and Miss L had alot of first! Here first boat ride, first time swimming in Lake Michigan and her first trip out of IL. It was a fun weekend filled with lots of great time with friends, late nights and lots of time on the water. 

I overcame my fear of swimming in scary waters (other than pool water). I jumped off the boat into the lake, went tubing and went out a little farther than usual in Lake Michigan. We will never forget our breakfast at The HotSpot, way too many inside jokes and all the fun we had that weekend, we must go again! 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

7 Months

Oh baby girl you are growing so fast, Mommy wishes you would slow down a bit! I looked back at pictures of when you were a newborn and can't believe how much you have changed and grown.
Your biggest milestone is that you starting crawling, today actually! Daddy and I were in the kitchen finishing up dinner and around the corner you came. It was crazy to see you bring yourself into another room where we were. You were playing in the kitchen with me last week and got your first boo boo. You face planted on the tile floor and got a nice little red bump on your forehead.
You had your first trip to the water park this past month. You absolutely love water. You were splish splashing all around and couldn't get enough of it. You took two trips this month. We went down to great grandma Meme's for the weekend to visit with her and your grammie. The next weekend we went to Coloma Michigan with your friends Parker & Nathan and 2 of your unborn friends and their mommy's & daddies (Mains, Dohertys, Douglasses & Waynes). You went on your first boat ride and swam in the Lake Michigan for the first time. We put you in your little swim tube and you didn't want to be touched. You just wanted to kick and splash the water. You played in the sand, mostly tried to eat it and tried to pick up rocks.
You are still nursing and love food. Their isn't a food we have given you that you have not liked. With your pea reaction when you were 4 months old we are still hesitant to give you them again. You like puffs & yogurt bites....some foods you have been munching on include blueberry & purple carrot, banana & pumpkin, chicken with pasta and veggies, blueberry & peach yogurt, spinach, broccoli & apple, turkey & carrots, beef stew and you love cantaloupe, watermelon & pineapple.
Daddy and I agree you have the best smile in the whole wide world. You love to play with your toys, your favorite is your stuffed giraffe that we call "Raffie" and your activity table.
You have been pulling yourself up on things, the window, your dresser, the safety gate, the ottoman in the living room and your bouncer.
Your vocabulary includes the words, mama, dada, bog (dog), bird and what. Yes what, you say it like fifty times when we are sitting together :)
You make everyday worth living and I wouldn't chose to spend my days any other way.
I love you Lydi Lou