Saturday, May 31, 2008

End of May....

My Asiatic lilies bloomed this past week and they are gorgeous. Also, I went horse backing riding for the first time with the YW last Wednesday. It was a lot of fun and I will definitely do it again. One of the families in our ward owns a huge ranch/stable with lots of acreage. My friend Jenny is going to go twice a week to ride and I think I am going to join her a few times. I have 5 more days at Kensington and I am so excited that the end is in sight. I can't wait to start my nanny job and lay out by the pool and be outside all day!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Monster's first road trip / St. Louis / Memorial Day Weekend

This past weekend, we went to visit my family in Southern IL and attend a family reunion in St. Louis. This was Monsters first road trip and he did great. He was excited to meet the rest of the family and my grandma's dog Wesley. We had some crazy hot weather and now we are back home where I heard it is supposed to be like 55....ugh! When is summer going to come back.

Pictures to follow sometime this week when I have the time to download them off of the camera.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

I did it!... sorry Jen I mean we did it!

My friend Jen and I ran Downers Grove's Groovin in the Grove this morning! It was a 5k run and I made it in 40 minutes ( I ran the first mile and then my ankle gave out so I jogged/walked the other 2 miles)! Not that bad considering I hardly practiced for it and my asthma was acting up this morning. Time to get training for the next one in a month or so.... maybe I will win??

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Let down

So, I come home from work today to find a message on the house phone from the Principal of the school I interviewed at yesturday. My heart starts racing as I begin to listen to it, yes this is it finally. Only to learn that they decided to go with someone internally. He proceeded to tell me that I had an awesome interview and he was very impressed with me and would keep my name if something else popped up but unfortunetly it came down to a numbers thing. So pretty much they voted and I lost. I really don't get this. I have been on both sides before. Working for Batavia school district for 3 years and I don't get hired there and then I land an awesome interview with a year of teaching experience and I still get shot down. This sucks!

Monday, May 5, 2008

My kids

My pride & joy, the reason I get out of bed everyday and spend an hour driving with crazy people. My kids have come such a long way since August and I helped them accomplish so much.
They came to me not able to recognize their letters and now they can write their first and last name, address and many other things. Not being able to recognize numbers, to adding and subtracting. I step back and look at what they CAN do and I am proud to say that I helped them to do that, I took a part in their learning and I helped them succeed! This is the most rewarding part of teaching.

I nailed it!

I had one of the best interviews of my life today. I left with a very good feeling and I will find out the results by Friday. There were 6 other candidates, 5 of which were teaching assistants at the school and 1 outside person. I went into the interview with a lot of advantages over the other people. First, I have had a year of teaching experience already, I have worked with a lot of the curriculum and I came highly recommended by two of the teachers at the school. I have spent a week in prayer and fasting that this will be the school I need to be at.