Monday, April 30, 2007

Dennis and I took time out of our busy lives to have a date night or rather a date weekend. We realized that our attitudes towards each other were not the greatest and definetly not the way we wanted them to be. So we decided to go catch the 7p.m session at the temple since we hadn't been in a few months. What better of a place to go to spend time together than the place where we were married. We had a wonderful time. I had the most spiritual experience as I sat in the Celestial room in prayer- praying about some much needed things. I felt at peace as the problems I had been dealing with were lifted and my burden was made light. After the session we headed over to Fridays- a tradition of ours. We spent most of the evening catching up on what was going on in each others lives that we hadn't had the chance to talk about lately.

Sunday after church we went on a walk together- the Sunday tradition is back. What a gorgeous day! We tried to walk by the river but there were to many bugs. We headed back home for some time with our BFF's and a pizzookie (never had one? I am SOOO sorry). We ended the nice weekend cuddling and listening to the thunderstorm. It was a much needed kind of weekend.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

It's been a while.....

So, its been a few weeks since I have posted and I thought I would give those constant readers a little update on what's going on in the Larson household or lack there of these days! It has been absolutley crazy!! I can't tell you the last time Dennis and I sat on the couch together or had a normal face to face conversation, o.k maybe a little to sarcastic there!

Last weekend, I accomplished the task of cleaning the ENTIRE apartment (o.k I understand its not that big but all the crap in here makes it seem so!) I then decided to trot over to my B.F.F Nicoles new house in Montgomery (she moved further away) to help her unpack some boxes and give my input on what I thought went where. After about 3 hours I shot over to pick up my Dennis and we were off to pick up my cousin Kody and head over to the ward BBQ/ auction. Oh what a night, $90 later we made it home with Jenni Mumfords famous choc. chip cookies in tow, a huge glass jar full of 5 bags of chocolate chips, and a night of feasting at Cheataeu Ziegler. Aaron, being familyless decided to grace us with is presence and we watched the Interpretor until 1 a.m Needless to say "headless" Aaron paid for that the next day in church!! Sunday was Donna's 47th birthday and we had dinner for her at our house complete with a 3 layer (devils cake, brownie, devlis cake) yummy cake and my famous white spaghetti. We chated for a bit and looked at some of our pics of Arizona and then we were off for the evening to visit Josh and Nicole in there new home. Dennis helped Josh fix some things while Nicole and I watched some t.v, ate some cake and hung out. O.k, I did change the laundry. What a crazy weekend! It only gets better.....

Monday- I worked until 6:30, had a late night stroll with the hubby and crashed somewhere close to midnight.

Tuesday- I worked until 3:30 and then headed over for my first day as Office Manager at Pointe pest control. I made it home by 9:45, paid some bills, fell into a comma by 11. Perk of the day, Aaron was suspended from school today, what an easy day.

Wednesday- I worked until 3, went to the dermatologist, went to Megans sexy lingerie party/bridal shower which was a BLAST!, came home for like 2 seconds, went to the grocery store, went to Aaron and Lindseys to catch up on some much needed friend time, crawled slowly into bed by midnight.

Thursday- Worked until 3:30, got tires rotated, got emissions done, caught up on blog, made and ate dinner, went to mother in laws while Dennis worked on car and checked out Ruperts car that Dennis may possibly buy. Expected bed time...... sometime after 11, I am sure.

On the agenda for the rest of the week.....

Friday- work until 3:30, go to Pointe until 9:30, come home and go to bed!!

Saturday- Sleep in, Lia Sophia jewelry party at 1, nap, temple with the hubby. Estimated bed time.... after 11 I am sure.

Sunday- church, nap... I might eat, I might not!

It's not easy being me but somebodys gotta do it!!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Happy 3rd Birthday Deanna

Yesterday was Deanna's 3rd birthday. We had a family party complete with dinner and this cute barbie cake that Shanna & Nicole made. (Hey guys, I want a graduate barbie cake for my party!) The day started off with me picking Deanna up and whisking her away so that Shanna could decorate and make the party a complete surprise for Deanna. Our first stop, Dairy Queen. This was the first time I had eaten ice cream with Deanna and I didn't know what a 3 year old would like- I mean anything should work, right? Wrong. I let her pick something that were on the window and she picked a star kiss. As we were standing in line the teenaged boy in front of us noticed the pin on her shirt that said I am # years old today. As he proceeded to tell her happy birthday, she hid behind me and acted like she was shy (which she is not). So we got out ice cream and automatically her little eyes lit up when she saw my twist ice cream cone. "Rarah, can I have some of dat, peez," were the words that came out of her mouth. Of course she didn't want her starkiss, just Aunti Tara's ice cream. So i did the nice thing and shared it with her but she ended up taking over full force and ate the last of it. As we sat their eating our ice cream she looked over the the middle school aged kids at the table across from us and said "Hi guys." This was so cute. She sat there watching them and then looked at me and said "I like boys!' I had to laugh so hard at this one. We finished up our tasty treat and headed to Jewel to do some grocery shopping. The entire ride there all I heard was "I like boys Rarah, I like boys!" Come on girl, you are only three!

When we got to Jewel Deanna immediately set eyes on the big (ugly) butterfly cart for kiddos. Number 1, it made a loud noise when you pushed it, kinda like wind going under a closed door and secondly, it was hard to push and manuver around corners. But I did it for the love of my niece. I even bought her mini chiquita bananas and a pink ball.

We then ventered back to g'ma Larsons where Deanna discovered her party. The little stinker got a barbie t.v and DVD player and alot of cute clothes. I really enjoyed spending the day with her, it seems like only yesterday Shanna brought her home!

Friday, April 13, 2007


Ok, I don't think I have ever been so excited for a Friday as much as I am today. Just the thought of not having to go to work for the next 2 days is very relaxing. It's been a day let me tell you. First, I went to yoga lastnight with Janel. It felt so good to do all of the deep breathing and get a load of stress (alot of stress) lifted from my shoulders lastnight (literally, I felt it lift as I breathed and lifted my arms to do some odd yoga pose). However, as my kneck and shoulders hurt today, it's not such a great feeling anymore. Maybe after yoga the stress came barreling down so hard that it did a little damage. I have knots people! So after a perfect month of no temper tantrums or yelling and kicking, Aaron decides to show his old self again by yelling No! No! all morning long- and I mean YELLING. So what do I do as I look at the Megan with such annoyance (you have to understand that when Aaron does this is makes you cringe and just want to grab and shake him until he shuts up) I tried bribbing him with M&M's (oh yeah, side not. The left over Easter M&M's are 33 cents a bag at Walgreens, atleast the one by me) Ok, they work.... for about 5 minutes. I then try stuffed animals from one of the other teacher. BINGO and he's off the the LD teacher for 30 minutes, comes back grumpy and then goes to lunch and BAM!! He's a new kid after lunch. What the heck! Now it's off to babysit for the next 6 hours! I can't wait until I can sit at home all day and let my husband make the dough. It'll be nice...until the duty of mommy comes to play.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

It's my party.....

Happy March Birthdays! We had a birthday bash complete with a giant chocolate chip cookie! The kids loved it! Look at all these cute faces we have in our nursery.

What 3 boys can do with glasses and eggs

So I came across a few pictures that I forgot I had. The Woodbury's came over for dinner and the boys got a little crazy with the easter eggs and big sunglasses. The girls just sat back and laughed! Enjoy!

Calendar Confusion?

Ok, so I woke up this morning to find nothing other than snow outside, yeah snow! It's April 11th- the thought of snow should be far from anyones mind. So, I awoke in a grumpy mood to say the least. I scrambled to get ready for work as I was thinking about the events that unfolded lastnight while I had a discussion with my parents that didn't end to well- so my mood only worsened (if that's even a word). I rushed out the door to make it to the Kane County Regional Office of Education to drop off some papers for my application and nearly slipped and fell on my behind! Oh geez, what a great day not to mention the fact that I got in my car and realized that I was on E and needed to get gas before heading to work. I stopped at the only gas station on the way and put the nozzle in and crawled back in my car to avoid the wind. All of a sudden I heard this weird noise- Oh the pump must have stopped I thought. WRONG! I stepped out to find gas spilling everywhere so I lept to stop the nozzle from dispensing more costly gas onto the ground, pulled the nozzle out the find more gas spewing out of the car just as a big gust of wind came and splattered gas all over my shoes, pants and coat. You have got to be kidding me I thought as I got back in the car to make it to work on time. Upon arrival to work, Ms. Butterworth said I smelled like gas (well no duh, it was only all over me!) so I ran to the office to see if one of the secretaries had some perfume to mask the odor. After talking with one of them, I was sent home to change because I was flammable. Now I know I am good looking but geez, no one has ever told me I was flammable before! So I journeyed home to find something to wear, mind you I have a mound of clothes that need to make it to the cleaners and was running low on work clothes. Here comes the highlight of my day, making it all brighter. I walk in the house to find Dennis just stepping out of the bathroom. He looks at me and screams as he walks into the bedroom, BINGO, I have scared him once again. For those of you who don't know Dennis loves to scare people and is quite good at it but his hard to scare. In the entirty of our 9 years together, I have managed to scare him 3 times. This was a major accomplishment. So back to work I go to find the kids all excited that I was there and find out that Aaron kept asking every minute when I was coming to school. Ah, the little stinker cares!
So that's my Friday the 13th that arrived early and better stay back on Friday. As for the snow, I am giving it less than 24 hours to get the heck out of here before I boycott winter this year.

Monday, April 9, 2007

My hubby

So I was very skeptical about Dennis doing sales this summer- I guess you can say not looking forward to it! I mean who wants to not have time to spend with their husband, missing out on all those awesome summer activites! Summer is by far my favorite season and yet it is cancelled this year. However, the ability one has to make a killer living selling best control makes it worth while- I do want that house with the big yard! It has amazed me how much it has actually drawn us closer to each other in the last few weeks. We fight less, are more affectionate towards each other and just in all have a better attitude towards things. I guess I can look past the fact that I am the daily dishwasher, laudress and cook but if that's what it takes to achieve a dream or two, then I can deal with it (for now atleast) Besides, summer comes around every year- I'll catch it in '08.
Dennis really is amazing as I sit back and think about it. I really didn't know what I was getting myself into when I married him- it's more than I expected. Each day I view him in a different light that just seems to get brighter everyday.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Easter Sunday

Happy Easter. What a great day. The day started off with our usual church routine. When we were sitting in sacrament, Suzanna Chocks nephew peeked his cute little head around the pew and gave me the cutest little smile- the kind of smile that makes you want to jump up and down and makes your day so much better. As I sat there listening to the talks my mind began to wonder along with my eyes to all of the family sitting near us. They looked so happy. I then began to think about all of the people I have met that don't want to have children and I began to think WHY! I mean isn't our purpose to mutiple and replenish the earth?? How can one be so selfish? I can't wait until we have children so we can rasie our children in the ways of the church and have a happy little home (not that it isn't now, I just can't wait for the joys of having children.) Ok I am off my soapbox now!
We then went on to our weekly nursery responsibilities. There were some kids missing today and I was kind of sad because I missed them- it just wasn't the same. I really enjoyed being able to sit there with Delaney and Alexa and play barbies and actually be able to interact with them. A few weeks ago it was very hard to get them to talk and now they won't stop! Snack time came and Hayden was quickly shoveling strawberries into his mouth and asking for me, he cuddled on my lap during lesson and even tried giving Dennis a kiss before he left! These are just a few of the things that make me happy to be in the nursery. The kinds of things that have made me reconsider asking to be released. This is where the Lord wants me and this is where I need to be. Nursery is one of the most important callings and I am glad to serve.
Dennis' mom decided to go to Iowa to be with her mother in law for Easter. Us kids were left to fend for ourselves. Luckily, my other "mother" invited us for dinner and welcomed us with open arms. Deanna and Shanna came too. We brought her easter basket and she devorered the bubbles. We went out in the cold weather to make and chase bubbles. We made some pretty big ones Needless to say we left stuffed, soapy and tired!

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Lucky #8

Ok, so Dennis went out and did some selling today while I sat at home and was lazy. I feel really bad about the amount of time I have wasted the last 2 days doing absolutely nothing! I have just been very exhausted lately and have had a lot on my mind. Dennis came strolling through the door at 4p.m today and informs me that he got 3 more sales today. That brings the total for the week to 8! What a great way to end the week.

Bring home the bacon

Friday was a great day in our household. Dennis arrived home from a chilly day at work to tell me that he got 4 sales today!!!! Way to go Dennis! I was glad to see that he wasn't bummed out from yet another unsuccessful frigid day. He really has been a trooper this past week despite the weather.

Friday, April 6, 2007


So, its been about a week and a half since I have talked to my dad and about a month since I have talked to my little sister. For some reason my family doesn't know how to pick up the phone and call someone! I graduate in less than a month and there will be zero of my family members in attendance. WHY? Well my family really isn't your normal "close" family. I mean you'd think your parents would want to attend such a tremendous occassion as seeing the first member of the family graduate from college. Wouldn't you? My parents seem to have other priorities than their children- more important things. My mother would rather save up to go to Arizona for a week than see her daughter achieve one of her greatest accomplishments which she takes full credit for! (Yea right! I guess I should send her the bill then.) So I guess the only thing I can do is take this experience and tell myself that I will never be like this towards my own children and that I will put my own family first. You live, you learn and you grow up!